Personal Information Protection Policy

At IP-L Communications Inc., the personal information obtained through this site will be managed appropriately - based upon a "Personal Information Protection Guideline" - and will not use such personal information for purposes other that as stated herein.

IP-L Communications Inc. will endeavor not to act detrimentally to the rights and benefits of the user upon obtaining, maintaining, using and displaying the respective user's personal information.

As for the relevant laws and regulations as well as duties, system, etc. concerning personal information protection, such informational materials and forms as related thereto will be availed through this site.

- Upon conventional use of this site by the respective user, such personal information as can identify said respective user cannot be collected simply by browsing this site.

- IP-L Communications Inc. will take appropriate security measures and endeavor to prevent leakage, loss or alteration of personal information obtained for the respective user, and to prevent damage or illegal access to said information.

- IP-L Communications Inc. will officially inform all its employees in addition to those involved in its operations of this "Personal Information Protection Policy" and educate as well as instruct in line with said policy to ensure that it is followed.