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IP-L Communications Inc. places on this page the Contents page data for the "Patents & Licensing" (P&L) journal back issues over the past five years; this website thus offers a media mix in tandem with the paper-based journal that introduces related information to the world, including those who are yet to be familiar with the content of our flagship publication.

In recent years we have been receiving orders for back issues (including one for the previous five years) we place the Contents page data for recent back issues here. However, kindly note that the full content of the publication will only be available for purchase as a paper-based journal or for select issues in digital disc/storage media format.

  Vol. 49 No.5 (Issue No. 285) February, 2020
N News in Brief
Law & Practice
Overview of Trademark Practice in Japan
by Shoichiro Kajinami
From Overseas Correspondent
T 1085/13 - Novelty of A Compound on The Basis of its Degree of Purity
by Dr. Matthias Kindler
Current Issues in IP
Patent Applications for Al-related Inventions in View of Examination Case Examples
by Akira Kishi

Review of Court Decisions
The Intellectual Property High Court Decision Report
by Katsumasa Osaki
Mergers & Acquisitions
Joint Research & Developmentt

  Vol. 49 No. 6 (Issue No. 286) April 2020
N News in Brief
Law & Practice
Reflections on International Aspects of the Protection of Trade Secrets
by Masabumi Suzuki

From Overseas Correspondent
Contributory Infringement in Europe: essential elements and the exception of staple products
by Vincenzo Jandoli

Current Issues in IP
Validity of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Concluded with a Former Employee - Countermeasures against Leakage of Technical Information from a Former Employee -
by Yosuke Sogo

Review of Court Decisions
The Intellectual Property High Court Decision Report
by Mitstumasa Ihara and Katsumasa Osaki

Joint Research & Development

  Vol. 50 No. 1 (Issue No. 287) June, 2020
News in Brief
Law & Practice
Considerations for Enforcing Al-related Patents
by Yuhei Okakita
From Overseas Correspondent
Enlarged Board of Appel decision G 3/19: Is this the final twist in the long-running saga on patenting plants and animals obtained by essentially biological processes?
by Dr. Declan Mulhern
From ASEAN IP Specialist
Recent Developments in Thailand's IP Law (Part 1)
by Suthinee Palagawong Na Ayutthaya
Current Issues in IP
Recent developments on antitrust law issues on Standard Essential Patents (SEP) licensing practice
by Rikita Karakawa
Joint Research & Development




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